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Soirée of a single poem


The "Sarau de 1 poema Só" is a proposal that consists in holding an organized meeting focused on a single literary text that involves the public/participant randomly in a collective reading.


In contrast to conventional "saraus", in which there is an avalanche of authors, the idea is to focus on a specific text (which does not necessarily need to be a poem) in order to provide a "cognitive and affective dive" into the universe opened by the content of a single work, enhancing its resonances.


The proposed dynamic is that of a reading flow, lasting approximately 50 minutes, carried out collectively with the participation of the audience, who leave this position to become participants.


The coordinators of the action use musical instruments and other sound markings developed especially for each text as triggers for the transitions between voices. 


The use of these triggers and markers aims to maintain an engaging rhythm of reading and avoid the dynamics of the meeting becoming monotonous due to very long interventions.


The text of each event is printed and distributed to the audience/participants. The reading is accompanied by a series of image projections related to the universe of the chosen text.


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