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Propulsion Writing

Feat Fernanda Paixão and Paloma Klisys


The artists Fernanda Paixão and Paloma Klisys, developed this proposal of interaction from the relationship with artists and researchers working in the NEAR ecosystem.

Written language, performance in public spaces and sound art compose the universe of tools directed to the development of this artistic research and are the basis of a territory of exploration of new possibilities of creation in a transdisciplinary, translingual, and transmedia format.



To affirm an approach simultaneously ludic and conceptual, the artists choose the title Propulsion Writing to nominate this proposal.


“Propulsion is the process and result of propelling. This verb refers to the impulse that is given to something to move forward or move, whether in a physical or symbolic sense. Propulsion is a displacement that is produced by the action of a force.”

Articulating the concept of propulsion with the frequent use of the term “proposal” in the NEAR ecosystem, the duo evidence and establish the desire to treat the realization of a “proposal” as a process of creation capable of propelling new movements between what happens in a virtual environment and the endless possibilities of resonance of these interactions, reflections, and events on the streets.

Complementing the concept of propulsion, Fernanda and Paloma explore in the realization of this work, poetic connections between the element earth and the concept of thread… The name ‘Earth’ comes from Tellus goddess of fertile soil in the Roman pantheon. The word canvas comes from the Latin tela,ae (canvas) “thread, fabric, web,” another derivation is to weave, to make cloth, to interweave.

The idea is precisely to operate in the sphere of interaction, of the interweaving between what may come up as propositions in the NEAR ecosystem and to take these propositions/provocations to the public space where the social tissue is woven and moved in a more explicit way in the diversity of ways of being, thinking, existing and feeling.

This proposal has as its main objective to connect in a performative way propositions that at first arise from members of several DAOs active in the ecosystem with the urban public space of a large metropolis, in this case, the city of São Paulo.

The virtual space as a propellant of realities in the physical space and the physical space as a provider of virtual space through responses to the provocations arising from the ecosystem.

Performative action/artistic urban interventions 


The first step was the realization of a bounty (a call with a reward for those selected) with the objective of defining three questions/provocations that served as a motto for the realization of three urbanas drifts/ artistic interventions in public spaces.


From the set of selected questions/provocations, the duo performed three drifts/artistic urban interventions in different public spaces with large circulation of people.


During the drifts, the duo wrote the questions/provocations on the asphalt of the locations where the drifts took place in performative actions open to the interference of random audiences, using paint made organically from land and clay. 

After the urban drifts were made and the content was systematized and edited, videos and audios were created and will be published in NFT format in the year 2023.




Starting from the following provocation

What question would you put on the sidewalk of a big city?


the duo determined the focus of this proposal from three thematic bases: Civilization x Biodiversity, Human Rights and Production of Subjectivity.


Civilization x Biodiversity > Awaken reflections on how the civilizational directions are affecting the planetary ecosystem.

Human Rights > Awaken reflections related to people’s understanding of the theme of human rights.

Production of Subjectivity > Awaken reflections related to existential dramas and the production of subjectivity. Micro/macro relationship, “psychological” questions, deeper questions that provoke reflection on the human condition, that stimulate the imagination, reflections on desires, freedom, fears, and feelings in general.



DRIFTS > Locations

For the artists it is important to emphasize that the locations chosen for the drifts/artistic interventions were determined by the issues selected through the bounty.

Human Rights >

Estação da Luz - Júlio Prestes - Antigo DEOPS

For the thematic axis "Human Rights" the artists decided to perform the urban drift/artistic intervention in the area around a public building that is very important for the history of our country because it was the location of the Deops (Department of Political and Social Order) during the military dictatorship, where hundreds of people against the dictatorship and the suppression of the democratic state of rights were brutally tortured. 


More than forty years later, the region chosen by the artists continues to be one of the places in the city where inequalities and social contradictions manifest themselves with a high intensity. The area has a large flow of people and a population of homeless people in a high degree of social vulnerability enhanced by the absence of public policies, precarious living conditions, illicit drug use, and constant conflicts with the police.


Production of Subjectivity >


For the thematic axis "Production of Subjectivity" the artists chose a large avenue that connects the east and west regions of the city called "Minhocão". During the weekends this avenue is closed to cars and is transformed into a leisure space for the population living in the central region of the city. Although it has no green area and no structure for people to go to the bathroom or to eat, this avenue functions as a kind of urban park and attracts a large number of people from different social classes and age groups. 


Civilization x Biodiversity >

Viaduto Santa Generosa (Paraíso Subway) 

For the thematic axis "Civilization and Biodiversity" the artists chose one of the exits of the Paraíso subway station. The place chosen for the writing was the Santa Generosa Viaduct. The region in question is the beginning of Avenida Paulista, the main avenue in the city of São Paulo, a place where thousands of people use to walk every day. Paulista Avenue was the first major avenue of the city of São Paulo, inaugurated in 1891, and is currently the place with the largest circulation of people of different social classes coming from all regions of the city. 


Fernanda Paixão

Paloma Klisys

Gabriel Felipe Jacomel


Fernanda Paixão is a traveler, artist, researcher and educator. She has been combining art and education for 12 years and has worked in several projects and cultural centers such As an artist, her practices involve encounters and walks through the city. Currently she has created the digital platform Talk Away that connects language tutors and people from all over the world with a focus on walking. “Cabaret concert”, “conversations with the land” and the installation “Crossroads” - held in Festival Novas Frequencias, are three of the artist works made from drifting and listening to sound through space.


Paloma Klisys is a writer, poet, sound and transmedia artist.


Likes the gray zone between artistic expressions, genres, movements etc., that’s why he lives (and dies) in São Paulo, Brazil. He is currently the lead singer of Lúbrica, drummer of Freud and The Motherfuckers!, writer at Coletivo KriptoKaipora and actor in the series Até agora nada.

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