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Inscription Machine


Inscription Machine is a radio art program that is broadcasted in podcast format. Conceived, scripted, assembled and edited by writer, journalist and INTERdependent researcher Paloma Klisys and produced with the collaboration and participation of several artists and researchers acting in the most diverse specializations of knowledge.

Inscription Machine is a radio art show and also

an artistic-poetic-creative process in progress


The title of the program refers to the inscription, alluding to the human activity of forging inscriptions on rocks and other surfaces since time immemorial, giving expression to the primitive, almost savage, desire to leave clues.


The impetus is the same, although in the place of rocks the proposal is to use the resource of recording and editing sounds, speeches, thoughts, reflections, soliloquies, fragments of readings, poems, concerns, etc., working with various discursive layers, playing with the polyphony of accents, with the specificities of places, mixing dissonant voices and offering different perspectives on relevant themes related to the construction, production, and metabolism of subjectivities in order to provoke public discussions.


The podcast is produced with the participation of artists/collaborators and researchers from the most varied regions of Brazil, which makes the proposal stand out for the plurality of perspectives of realities and accents. The Inscription Machine is open to collaborations from people around the world and ready to operate in all languages.

They are one-hour shows without the conventional radio markings, encouraging listeners to exercise sensory listening, out of the ordinary in relation to programs broadcast in traditional media.


The collaborators are invited to produce their contributions based on extremely broad thematic universes, thus composing a mosaic of subjectivities that often remain in the underground of discourses.

All the programs produced so far are available in the main podcast aggregator platforms and have access records in several regions of Brazil and in more than fifty countries.


Paloma, who is responsible for the program's conception, produces continuously while articulating a new network of artists and researchers, extrapolating the context of the Portuguese language production and producing bilingual, trilingual, polyglot versions of the program with thinking creatures from and in different regions of the world, who can always collaborate in the most diverse languages and guide new airs, winds, flights, and challenges..

Inscription Machine is a machine of connection-invention of worlds

A proposal to produce inventive territories, in this way to break down boundaries between people, to cultivate the freedom of reflective thinking, the recognition and empowerment of singularities and the appreciation of plurality, the respect for the right to difference, the desire to contribute to the affirmation of collective dignity through the full exercise of creativity.

Currently there are three modalities for submitting the artistic proposal of the Inscription Machine:

-- One-hour programs - published on the main podcast aggregator platforms on a bimonthly periodicity.


- Live Machine

"Inscription Machine"
is, at first, a series of experimental radio art programs made for the Internet, but with hopes of also reaching community radios, am and fm frequencies around the world and that, in a transmedia version, transforms and expands the sphere of sound art to audiovisual arts in presentations with manipulation of sounds and images in real time.


On these occasions a sound and visual "set list" of about 50 minutes long is presented, manipulated in real time and that can happen in open cultural spaces, public places and immersive environments.  It is a game with clippings of texts, sounds, and images with a varied repertoire of free themes that connect from the sonorities of each fragment.


The projections are mapped according to the characteristics of each environment and its content is composed of animations, photographs and videos produced both by Paloma and by Machine collaborators.


- Machine Audiovisual Installation

There are several possibilities for mounting audiovisual installations in closed spaces. The proposal is always to adapt the available content in sounds and images to the space that houses the installation. The installation set-up of the Enrollment Machine involves the integration of the following resources: video mapping, quadraphonic sound system, and a set of three booths with screens and headphones to be accessed by the visitors.

In the space destined to receive the installation, a space must be contemplated so that the public can also make small spontaneous recordings with a free theme, and also inputs for the reception of photo and video files.

Inscription Machine on Spotify, iTunes,

SoundCloud, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and Castbox

The shows of the serie "Inscription Machine" are available on the main poadcast aggregator platforms: Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and Castbox.
Click on the images below to listen to the programs on your favorite platform.

Ouça "Máquina de Inscrever" no Spotify
MáquinadeInscrever no iTunes
MáquinadeInscrever no Deezer

Inscription Machine - coming out of the bubble

Inscription Machine modestly reaching for eardrums elsewhere.

Países e continentes onde a Máquina de Inscrever tem ouvintes
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