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Projects are punctual.

Processes are in progress.

Click on the images to access more information about the creative processes Paloma is currently engaged in, or browse through the pages under the "In process..." item in the site's sub menu

Paloma began her career as a writer and poet.

Throughout her trajectory as a creative being, she has appropriated other languages and is currently developing a series of transmedia creative processes in collaboration with various partners. 


In her research multiverse she is interested in exploring the creative appropriation of public spaces and the contact/contagion with random audiences through proposals that merge several artistic languages.


Paloma Klisys, paloma klisys, paloma kliss, razizr, performance

Inflexos Transcorpo

Paloma Klisys, paloma klisys, klisys, paloma kliss

Trago Longo

Paloma Klisys, paloma kliys, trago longo, poeta, Galiza


Paloma Klisys, paloma klisys, klisys, paloma kliss, poeta, crop
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