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Inflexo - the opposite of the reflection - the reverse reflection

Creative process and transdisciplinary research co-authored by photographer Marilia Vasconcellos and writer Paloma Klisys. Inflexos proposes actions move towards the deconstruction of the "colonized body" and routine corporality.


The exploration of transconnections between art and philosophy creates a field of experimentation with various artistic languages (photography, sound art, poetry, visual arts, plastic arts), from drifts and interventions open to the participation of random audiences.


The co-creators create unusual situations in order to produce images related to the research universe and to work with possibilities of invention, construction, deconstruction and expansion of pieces of bodies through the manipulation of various materials (plaster, paper marche, anginate, resins, scraps, etc) added to resources opened by the use of new technologies.


Also part of the process is the creation of situations to collect raw material for further editing and composition of soundscapes.


The records of the process are remixed and reused in live art performances, proposed both by the authors and by eventual partners from other collectives with whom the authors discover aesthetic affinities.


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